Tuscaloosa Regional Air Show Spectator Guidelines     

We are happy to have you, your friends and your family as our guests here at the Tuscaloosa Regional Airport. We will do everything to ensure that your air show experience is safe and enjoyable, and every effort will be made to minimize delays in entering and leaving the air show. We ask for your cooperation in keeping potentially dangerous items safely outside the event. At the entry points to the air show, all bags will have the potential to be quickly inspected and all individuals are subject to search prior to entering the event. Unattended bags and packages will be removed from the premises.

Prohibited Items
Outside food and drinks
Pets, other than service animals
Large bags or backpacks
Large/Beach umbrellas
Bicycles, skateboards, scooters

Permitted Items
Cameras and camcorders
Wagons (non-motorized)
Handheld umbrellas
Purses, small bags, diaper bags


Prohibited items will not be allowed in the event or on any event transportation. If a prohibited item is found in the event or on event transportation, the item must be removed by the owner of the item or the responsible party. If the responsible party has to leave the event to remove the item, they will be required to pay to reenter the event. If the item owner or responsible party does not want to leave the event to remove the item, the Tuscaloosa Regional Air Show may allow, at its discretion, the item to be placed outside the event in a designated area until the responsible party leaves the event site. In this case, the Tuscaloosa Regional Air Show and the City of Tuscaloosa are not responsible for the safekeeping of the item.

First Aid and Safety

First Aid
Two First Aid tents, with medics, will be on site on site.

Lost Kids
Two lost kids’ tents are located at the event. In the event you cannot find members of your party, please visit these tents (located in the general seating and static display areas) or find the nearest event staff for assistance.

Lost Kids / Parents

The Tuscaloosa Regional Air Show offers a free registration process to help expedite the reunion of separated parents and children at the event. Parents can register their child(ren) at the Lost Kids tent, located by the Kid's Zone. To see the location on a map click here. Registration is simple and provides your child with an armband including parent contact information.

Smoking is prohibited near aircraft, tents or in hangars, including the in the static aircraft display area..

Please note:
• Sun protection, including hat, long-sleeved shirts and long pants and sun screen are recommended
• Beverages will be available for sale throughout the Air Show
• Wear comfortable footgear; the event area is most grass, and may be wet or muddy. You may walk long distances between event activities