Parking & Free Shuttle Rides

Parking passes are required to park onsite and are NOT available for purchase. Onsite parking is available for air show performers, guests who have pre-purchased Chalet tickets, handicap/disabled guests with approved decals, approved air show sponsors, approved air show volunteers, and authorized air show staff.

Catch the free shuttle! Save time and money.

Shuttles start at 10am on Saturday and Sunday

1. Downtown Intermodal Facility (RED Bus Route)

2. Tuscaloosa County High School (BLUE Bus Route)

3. K-Mart - Skyland location (GREEN Bus Route)

Directions to free shuttle parking lots

Shuttle buses are not handicap/disabled accessible. Handicap/disabled guests are encouraged to park onsite and show their handicap decal.

Save time and pre-pay for your toll bridge pass!

Tuscaloosa Bypass link and this free app

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Arrival Traffic

Departure Traffic

Shuttle Bus Routes